Sari Harris is a Melbourne based designer and craft practitioner working in a variety of mediums.
Moving between two and three dimensional work, commercial and fine art practice, Sari Design offers professional, personalised design services.
March 201024HR Art, Imagining Darwin
April 2008 Pablo Fanque, Fertile Bodies
September 2007 Chapman and Bailey, Colonies
October 2006 E.G. Etal, Colonies: Cellular still life 1000x
March 2006 Space 39 Gallery, Soft Cells
Dec 2007 C3, Abbotsford Convent, White Christmas
Dec 2007 Chapman and Bailey, In House
Nov 2007 C3, Abbotsford Convent, Salon Show
Sept 2006 Deux Poissons, Tokyo, Japan
July 2005 Chapman and Bailey, In House 2
Jan 2005 The Edge, Furnitex - Sydney trade fair designer showcase
Sept 2004 Melbourne Museum, Fringe Furniture and Spontaneous Construction
Aug 2004 Chapman and Bailey, In House
July 2004 Furnitex, Vivid
July 2004 Yarra Sculpture Gallery, Plastic Fantastic
Sept 2003 Melbourne Museum, RMIT Furniture Design Graduate Show
1999 - 2003 Melbourne Museum, Fringe Furniture